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Career Courses
Graphics Web Design (GWD)
What’s so attractive about graphics and web design? In this age we have a digital revolution where commutation through numerous streams is highly visualised. In any walk of life first impressions have enormous impacts.
SEO Professional
SEO is an internet marketing strategy which considers the work carried out by the Search engines, actual search items and Key words that are often typed into search engines. It also evaluates the preference of search engines by the internet users.
Internet Marketer
Internet marketing is referred as E-marketing or Online marketing, also known as Web advertising and Digital Marketing. The internet marketer is known to market an array of products and services online using numerous methods and various online marketing streams.
PHP/MySql Developer
PHP is a server-side HTML embedded scripting language. It provides web developers with a full suite of tools for building dynamic and efficient internet based applications. All software runs on certain language. One language which is very popular for software developement is PHP.
Professional Courses
Web Designing
Our web design institute will make you the best digital artist you can be. Our web design training program will cover all the major aspects of creating simple and highly complex web designs. When you learn web design with us you will become highly apt in the entire range of web design software packages such as Photoshop layout designing , dream weaver and more.
Graphics Designing
Almost every company requires a graphic designer of some sort and at our graphic design institute we have the perfect courses for graphic design to get you ready for work in the top companies. In our graphic design school you will not only learn graphic design, however, in our graphic design institute we will give you free career classes that will get you ready for work and the real world.

HTML CSS Training

The backbone of any website is the Code. Without the help of these codes, we cannot prepare our website designs with the attractive buttons, home page and more. While making website web development languages are used. Languages such as HTML and CSS are among the popular languages that are used to develop websites. Generally these languages contain the codes in the form of tags that provide instructions regarding the heading size, formatting, font size and lots more. Consequently in order to build solid good looking website you must learn the coding languages and how to implement them.

Flash Designing

Flash is vector animation software which was previously used to create games only. Now days, Flash is used to create animations which are published on the Web Pages. Vector Graphics are ideal for the Web as they are light in weight. Generally, flash can be used to develop a presentation similar to that of a television advertisement where viewers just enjoy viewing it and also get the message through animations. Isn’t it fun to learn with entertainment? Yes, this, fun can be easily handy with the help of Flash. Imaginations can be transformed to live with Flash designs.
Image Editing
Sometimes we want more to our photos. When seeing photographs we sometimes feel that it needs to be tweaked a little! We might want our face to look clearer, get rid of some unwanted spots and perhaps perk up our smile. We might not like the background. We could change the background so we look like we were in Paris, London or New York. Perhaps you could be up for some light wicked humour. You could make your friends nose bigger or you could put shriek ears someone you dislike.
Social Media Professional
SMO can be carried out within the Social Networking Sites such as Face book, twitter, Digg, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc an lots more. The business can be maximized with the help of these Sites.