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Image Editing

Sometimes we want more out of our photos. When seeing photographs we sometimes feel that it needs to be tweaked a little! We might want our face to look clearer, get rid of some unwanted spots and perhaps perk up our smile. We might not like the background. We could change the background so we look like we were in Paris, London or New York. Perhaps you could be up for some light wicked humour. You could make your friends nose bigger or you could put shriek ears someone you dislike. 


After learing Image editing you could do it all!. Be it changing backgrounds, changing colours, removing unwanted items from the digital as well as traditional portraits, decreasing fat from the body, showing extra happiness, changing your car to a Farrari as well as lots more can be done to edit a single snap shot. Learn Image Editing from a well known, Image Editing Training Institute, in India - ZestTech Academy get the expertise in the subject.

What is Image Editing?
  • Surrounds the process of photo retouching, reshaping photographs
  • Programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and CorelDraw are used for Image editing.
  • Image editing consists of noise reduction, reducing size, lens correction, enhancing images, contrast change, colour depth, image orientation, removing needless elements and more
  • Used widely in scanning analogue originals, library archival, Museum Staff, for all those responsible for digitizing originals
Advantages of studying Image Editing:
  • Image editing services have a huge demand in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Image editors can build their career into a DTP operator, layout artist, E-card designer, 2d Animator, visualise, CD Rom author etc and many more opportunities. 
  • Companies like MC Graw Hill Education provides salary form 45,000 dollars to 49,000 dollars
  • People with less than one year experience earn salary of $ 24,000 to $ 44,000 per annum.

Not a bad Idea to start career in Image Editing.

Why Choose Us?
  • We take live practical batches with theory lectures making learning more fun
  • Professional faculties from the IT industry with years of experience working with clients
  • Course content changes as per market demand so you always stay updated
  • Both Fast Track and Regular course options available
  • The positives of being backed by an IT company which helps you gain professional working experience
  • Special Faculty lectures for students to gain more experience
  • Get experience working on live international projects
  • Professional career and personality coaching
  • Guaranteed work placement programmes
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Qualification of 10+2 or equivalent degree (diploma) is mandatory.
  • Should have scored first class result or above 50% marks.
  • A passion to learn and work into Ecommerce Industry will be an added advantage.
Get the finest Image Editing course at  Zesttech Academy, a well known Image Editing Training Centre in India
Course Duration and Contents:

The total duration for the course is 15 Days (3 days a week x 2 hours daily).

  • Introduction
  • Image Formats
  • In-camera image storage devices
  • How Photos Are Stored in your Camera and Computer
  • Transferring Images
  • Storing images – On your System
  • Storing images- On the Road
  • Organizing photo files
  • Image managers
  • Evaluating your images- Basics
  • Evaluating Your images- Histograms
  • Photo Editing- global Editing
  • Photo Editing- Local editing
  • Colour management- Colour models and colour spaces
  • Colour management- The workflow


So what are you waitng for? Contact us and let us help you get career focused to gain the edge!